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Using Pheromones To Attract

Pheromone Advantage

Pheromones work like magic. But why and how they work is explained by biochemical scientist.

Pheromones are natural biochemicals released by animals and insects that help to communicate sexual interest to members of the opposite sex. These biochemicals (pheromones) influence mating, fertility, and child rearing.
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Feeling Small After MMF Threesome

Their Threesome with another man made him feel rather small!

Dear Frank,

My girlfriend and I had a MFM threesome.  The guy we were with was huge down there.  Well, everything was going fine until he went inside her.  She reacted like I have never seen her.  It was like she was totally into it, saying things like, “God I feel so FULL!”.  I am of average size, and I know she has been with bigger guys, but it never bothered me until I actually saw how much she enjoyed herself. 
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What Do You Do When You Meet Swingers?

meet swingers

So you connected online with someone who peaks your interest. What do you do when you meet? Well… what do you normally do when you meet another couple for dinner and/or drinks?

When it comes time for the meeting, most people get a serious case of stage fright. In our minds we have expectations of ourselves and various doubts. We begin to fear that we may be rejected because our hips are too big, breasts are too small, or certain organs aren’t big enough.
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What Do Women Really Think of Porn?

swinging lady watching porn

Ask 100 guys if they like porn and you’ll get 100 different answers, most of which will go something like this: “Oh God yes, gimme gimme gimme!” It seems like sex and visual stimulation are hard-wired into the male brain. Give us a copy of Hustler and we’re happy. Don’t have a Hustler handy? Hell, the bra section of the J.C. Penney’s catalog will do. As long as there are naked (or nearly naked) women you will have our undivided attention.
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Sample Swingers Ads Inside:

WESTERN CONNECTION COUPLE SEEKS COUPLES OR SINGLE MALES - ALBERTA & BRITISH COLUMBIA (BC): We are a married couple looking for other couples or single males for erotic fun. We are into most things mentioned in We are both into oral both giving and receiving.

MARITIME CONNECTION COUPLE SEEKS COUPLES - NOVA SCOTIA: Hi, we are seeking open minded couples for same room swinging and adult fun. We enjoy movies and toys. She is bi-curious and would like to try with the right woman or couple. We can travel or entertain. Please no single men.

ONTARIO CONNECTION FEMALE SEEKS BI FEMALES OR MALES - TORONTO, ONTARIO: Lady seeking fun females and single or married males. I am 5'7, blonde hair, blue eyes and 125 lbs.

INTERNATIONAL CONNECTION MALE SEEKS COUPLES - NEW YORK, USA: Hi I'm a divorced white male, 40, on the shore of Lake Ontario (15 min from Niagara Falls). I'm looking for a couple to play with. Willing to travel as far as Toronto, Ontario area for the right couple. I do have a few pictures to send along.

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